The Slavelord was the most famous member of The Humble Guys. He retired from the piracy scene with this note. An odd little piece of underground history.

October 28, 1992

Good day people, it's your most loveable hateable person around, yes, that's
right, The Slavelord..

Most of you probably have heard of me in one way or another, my reputation
as the "Loud Mouth" of The Humble Guys has well proceeded me.. And of course,
my new group, OFG, has already developed a reputation of it's own in less
then a month...

Well, what I would basically like to say here is that I officially retire
from the pirate scene. I think I can also speak for Hal 9000 on this too.

Last night, October 27th, Dateline:NBC did an expose' on computer hackers.
They interviewed one of the members of LOD, etc.. They main jist of the
show was basically breaking into Fortune 500 companies, Banks, TRW, etc.
During this show, they displayed a few BBS AD's. One of them was for
The Final Fantasy, the other one was the old VGA Slave Den AD. I have
recreated the Slave Den AD here for you (Titled NBCSUX.EXE) with EXACTLY
what of the scroller was shown on national TV.

4 Months ago, PC-Computing did an article on software piracy. Out of all
the known pirates out there, the ONLY one mentioned was me. That really
didn't bother me that much simply because WHO READS PC-COMPUTING ANYWAYS???

But the NBC show, well that kind of shook me up. It's enough for me to say
"I quit!". So, I Quit! When I originally joined THG, Candyman (here on
referenced as Candydude) asked me to be the "Spokesperson of The Humble Guys".
I was supposed to go around, beat my chest, and prove to the whole world
that THG was #1. I did this, and I guess I did it REAL well. I imagine
3 years from now, there will still be things mentioned about The Slavelord
and THG. We've made computer history.

Unlike SOME pirates who would love to be interviewed on the Donahue show,
I am not into fame and glory. As a matter of fact, I want NO national
attention. So rather then risking my family, my business, and everything
I have any further, I retire respectfully from the pirate scene.

Sysops: Please delete my account off your boards. Yes, EVERYONE please
delete my account from your boards. The Slavelord is no longer. If
"The Slavelord" EVER applies to your BBS, then you can bet it's a fake,
and just delete him then.

As far as BBS software, etc. I am still continuing to support the LSD BBS
package, and there WILL be a release Saturday morning (Halloween release).
You all can pick it up from the support board (you know the #).

Well, I guess that's it, but there is one last thing I would love to say,
since I've been dying to say it for years..

So long, and thanks for all the fish...


P.S. Don't worry about OFG, the group will still stay together, I just won't
be a force involved with it anymore.

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