My nap sez:

I'm at a bizarre summer camp luncheon where my old co-workers are. Lori-Ann is cooking; she expects huge tips to pay her back for all the hallowe'en candy we ate.

later I'm on a pathway walking with my dad. it feels like a land-locked False Creek. I'm carrying a backpack full of miscellaneous clothing, and I keep finding more - mine - as we walk.

later drongo is looking for old-people music. I collected up a bunch of mine - I kept them stored on mismatched socks - and went to A&B sound to scan them in on the ATM - there was some trick to doing that. I couldn't figure it out, and besides, the A&B staff might figure out my piratical intentions. I find gordon in a back room. He is organizing a jukebox full of old-people music he'd dug up. He is wearing a strange dark green kilt, and sometimes has a beard, sometimes doesn't. "Hi drongo! I'm not an elite music hax0r like you." I hand him my pile of mis-matched socks. He gives me a kiss on the cheek and begins to rifle through my socks. They make noises as they were stiff record covers, not limp cotton socks. "All right!" he says, trying not to laugh. "Cher!"