I wasn't involved at all, or if I was, I was a five year old that someone left sitting in the middle of a busy highway. Wasn't hurt at all, but managed to cause a 79 car pileup. Finally some family with a minivan going to Houston picked me up off the ground, while the police were talking about a horrible gang that left five year olds lying around. We went to a giant industrial park that had huge piles of candy lying around. We looked, on foot, for the dairy queen, and found it amid Razor trucks, trucks with giant razor blades on them. Two years later, I was in school. I wasn't allowed to compete in the races, and the children were forbidden to make valentine's day cards for me. I found one enormous one, though, made by my cousin Dante, in the shape of a sparrow with a fence design inside, thanking me on behalf of the entire school for discovering all those new drugs to treat HIV.

update: At some point in the dream I was speaking french very fluently; I was so pleased at how fast it all came back to me. I have no idea when or where this was, but I know I dreamed it last night. I was just in the library and picked up a french book and had the very very clear and fresh memory of speaking french, though it's been a year now since I've spoken more than a sentence at a time to anyone.