In the time when the elves came, they agreed that humanity must be enclosed. Our technology was restricted; our lives set to 70 years; our houses remade in brick. Yet we flourished; and the broken man who had made the first treaty with the elves rose again to greatness, leading humanity to a proudness that shamed the elves.

On his 70th day, in the dying chambers of the brick hospital, he was asked by what gentle poison he would like to die. The elves offered to make an exception of him, but were relieved when he refused - they were a little scared of him, in the end. He smiled at the question and said "Ahh, my death is yet a thousand years in the future, by the spear of the Mombi Maghree."

Where the knowledge came to him from, he did not know, but it was to be true: in that moment he was transported, and found himself in a bed chamber, one thousand years in the future.

He took the name Fingol Montaratin. Fingol, for an elf, Montaratin, from a muttered curse in the bedroom. It meant fool, and he felt it suited him.

Okay, then he had some weird adventures. There were weird paint-based contraceptives which were involved in some goofy plot; there was a seven year old girl who was secretly a sexual predator and whose body was covered in tiny, crazed, wandering eyes. His new lover was murdered in a plot by some idiot evil count. Finally he was about to jump to his death - he was suicidal after he found out in his earlier life that the young lovers he took were secretly laughing at him, were elected by a secret lottery, and he was going to jump 387 feet to his death, through a paper banner with the foot tattoos for marriage and falseness on it - the feeling was cemented when his new lover was killed. However, as he jumped, he had a mid-air battle with some hoobajoob and died with a spear through his belly but saved the town. or something. All in all he reminded me of a cross between don quixote and aragorn. I can't figure if I was him or a hidden narrator or something. It was odd.

Ahh I almost forgot the part where he was an expert pediatrician / radiologist; where the boy who was his brother who had been cryogenically frozen and revived 1000 years later was introduced; when he was getting chewing gum as heart medication; and when he sold his thousand year old Nortel shares to buy the company that Trimark became. And there were castles everywhere