The 'dollar' is used by many countries besides the United States of America -- though the US is probably the "most known" user of it. Here is the short list of countries that use 'dollars' and what artwork appears on the runs of their bills (coins not included).

  • Australia
    Facing side features notable Australians. Reverse features native artwork. Adopted in 1966. Multicolored.

  • Canada
    Facing features pictures of notable Canadians and Queen Elizabeth II along with reverse of native avian species. Multicolored.

  • New Zealand
    Facing features 'the Queen' and native fauna on reverse. Adopted in 1967. Multicolored.

  • United States of America
    Facing features pictures of Presidents and famous US Landmarks on revverse. Green and Black.

  • Hong Kong
    Famous Hong Kong landmarks with notable historic figures on reverse. Multicolored.

  • Singapore
    Features local avian species. Multicolored.

  • Taiwan
    Some features notable historic figures and prominent structures on reverse, while others feature scenes with Chinese people and avian species on reverse. Multicolored.

  • Bermuda
    Queen Elizabeth II with avian species or maritime scenes on reverse. Multicolored

  • The Bahamas
    Queen Eliabeth II with avian species on reverse. Multicolored.