An alternative radio station in Southern Maine, in the same vein as stations such as KROQ and WFNX. Being in a "backwater" market as such, it is considerably low-key, and is the probably the only radio station I've ever listened to where the DJs do not talk over the music, but rather talk over complete silence.

WCYY had a big part in popularizing many local bands, most noteably Rustic Overtones. While the band's unique sound and considerable talent obviously played the biggest part in their current success, WCYY was always playing their newest singles and hyping their concerts. The station has also been big on such local bands as 6gig and Twisted Roots. They are known for giving free outdoor shows on the patio outside their studios in Monument square in downtown Portland, as a sort of "free sample" to promote the real concert which usually happened a few days later.

They give considerable attention to the local and underground scenes, and even give a Year of Service award of free advertising to a local non-profit organization that they feel has helped to make the Portland area a nicer place.

You can listen to WCYY on 94.3 FM in Portland and 93.9 FM in Lewiston. They have a website,, which probably has a bitcast as well.