I feel like I might be getting the cold that is going around my house – just in time for everyone else to be feeling groovy and start taking advantage of me again. After a week where I was the Human Kleenex, now I get, “Go way Mrs. Mama, do suppin’ else”, when I catch my toddler trying to change all the buttons on the stereo.

We watched Blue’s Clues (yay Steve, whatta hottie), and Alice In Wonderland. Katie is enthralled by the bread and butterflies and thinks the walrus looks like the Lorax, big bonus. I am toying with the idea that I may be able to make a Lorax for Katie for Christmas, it doesn’t look all that hard, just a lump with a droopy mustache. Then she can take him around the backyard screaming, “I am da Woxax! I speak a da shwees!” She is smitten with him, my bossy little environmentalist.

I watched If These Walls Could Talk and cried through most of it. Abortion is tough one. It is a hard choice to make, and a hard one not to make, depending on the circumstance. It’s like having a leg caught in a bear trap and having to chew your way out of it. No one would ever wish to be stuck like that, in a no-win situation. The brunt of the burden falls on women’s shoulders and no matter which choice is made there will always be a nagging sense that there might have been another way. Funny thing about pregnancy though, you only have so much time to figure things out.

I thought these thoughts while holding my son, bouncing him on my knee and smelling his head. Abortion was not considered when I got pregnant, but then, I have a husband I love very much. What if I did not love him? What if it was a one night stand? What if I had six kids already and was about to go back to school? What if I knew in my heart that it was not a good idea for me to be a mother? Who knows what I would do then. I am glad I don’t have to be making that choice, but I would like to know there was a choice if it happened to me.