Woke up at 1:00 today after tripping for the first time in, I dunno, a year and a half. (Sorry if that denotes irresponsiblity, frankly, I don't care.)I was at my friend Beef's house and it was him, Ficus and me, talking smack and playing with Ficus' new drum kit. Picked up the stuff at a friends party, lot of hippies there. No, seriously, they had the monopoly on tie-dye last night. I wasn't expecting it, it was a gift from the boys, and they didn't want to tell me because of my jinx.

In the past, if I know of the potential I have on any given night to get my hands on some trip, I jinx myself by wanting it too badly. SO it was a pleasant surprise.

This is an attempt to catalogue the thoughts and discussions we had last night.

New Breed of Human with No Saliva.

"I am not a black man, and you know what I mean when I say that."

The Proper Pronunciation of the Word 'Butthole'

Everything is not Everything if pieces of Everything are so often deleted.

The Perfect Lollipop

But it felt good, even though I kept really thinking about the last time I did this. Three day countdown 'til we move to Florida. And last night, I began to feel like one of the boys again.