Cat hopped in the shower with me today.

Strangest thing happened over the last two days. I went to Insomnia last night and this guy, who I met like six weeks ago, said he had been looking for me. He's an artist for Disney, not that that's impressive, but what he handed me was. It was a scarab! One that he had made from a resin and his own design, and it's HUGE!

I came into work this morning, and Sheila had a small little bundle for me on my part of the framing table. She told me to open it up, and there was this beautiful turquiose colored SCARAB!!!!! Within twelve hours I had received two scarabs.

This is awesome! See, the scarab is my trademark. I wear this big blue ceramic one around my neck, that I know weighs a quarter of a pound. I rarely take it off. And to know that people really have thought of me....I pretty much want to take back a lot of my anger I was feeling yesterday. Oh well...I'm going to a party in an hour....loving the build-up to the Full Moon.

Symbols, patterns...everywhere. Keep your eyes open or you'll miss them.