First off....Eric called me!!! We talked for like two and a half hours! Easily, too. He just wanted to talk. Comepletely out of the blue. There was a time when I was used to Double D calling me, but this was different. I knew it was him as soon as I picked up the phone, as soon as I heard his voice. He's so gentle and hesitant. Wow...more proof that this is right. His friends are keeping in touch with me!

I will give credit where credit is due. One descision was made. You want me, you just don't know how, when and most importantly, why. But don't give me any more shit about the phone calls. I'll call more when I see some reciprocation. As in letters, email, patience, and maybe some idea of what the hell you want from me. If you want some love struck puppy-dog chasing after you, begging for attention, you picked the wrong girl. (out of many, I'm not speaking specifically.) Years ago. I ain't doin' it anymore. I'm staying right where I am, I just set up the studio in the garage for crissakes. You will not be the only proud owner of one of my paintings, and no, you still can't have the bee. I gave it to your mom because she of all people deserved him. But I can send you a photo. And quit lying to your friends. We all exchange stories now, don't you know that? You're getting caught on many fronts. More than you thought originally. But keep your socks on , buddy. You are going to have to wait for the things you want.

So, Eric is going to try and come see some of his family and I will most likely go get him from the other coast. Cool. There's also some talk of New Orleans, which is great because Kevin has wanted to go. I think there's some guy over there, or is it that he just wants to stalk Poppy Z. Brite?

Ficus had his wisdom teeth out yesterday, he sounds all kind of fucked up. He asked me to talk dirty to him, for old time's sakes, I told him he could stick it. Friday we're going to an old friend of his party. Next week, my brother's taking me to his office party, as the owner's brother and I are big buddies. The following night, we're having our own party and I need to think fast! I have about a week to find at least ten girls to accomodate all of the guys that will be over here. HELP! People will have just enough time to sober up from the previous night, possibly with a little help from the hair of the dog.

Speaking of my brother, I think he's in love. She's from New Mexico, she has about four MAs, she's a physicist, major case of the ADDs, just divorced, and she's freaking my brother out. One, she's smarter than him. Two, she and I get on way too well. Three, it's moving way too fast for him. But four, he asked her to move here. My brother never does that! He just lets little beach bunnies follow him home. He told me he was scared. Then I got scared because I was giving HIM the love advice! Yeah, I could really enjoy her being my sister-in-law. Nerf battles!! Oh, and she's cute. That doesn't hurt either.

So, a lot has happened in a blink of an eye. But I feel so much better......