The rantings of yesterday are to be replaced with a more reasonable, flowing story today.

Today began with a very early phone call. Early for us means anything before noon, as we maintain a swing shift schedule. It was Sprint. "Sorry, no DSL for you. Our engineers decided to actually check your neighborhood instead of just letting us assume it'll work, and it turns out it won't. Whoops. Say, can you send those DSL modems back to us, please? It'll be $170 if you don't." D'oh!

I intensely dislike the cable company, but it looks like cable modem is my only option. I spent the morning blabbing with assorted Cox representatives trying to figure out if they really cap people at 15GB per month like their site claims (they do), and what happens if you reach that ($10 per 100MB ... shudder).

Next came a call from the lender. Good news and bad news. Good news: the paperwork is at the title company, and we can do the closing whenever we wish now. Bad news: the lender needs to see yet another $300 so we can satisfy the damned investors. Yet another friend came to our rescue, kicking in with a temporary loan to inflate the bank account enough to satisfy the lender. The money went right back, and everybody's happy.

We scheduled our closing for 3:00pm today, and went to the title company. Oddly enough, not much bad happened. They did surprise us with irritating news: we weren't getting $500+ back from escrow, but instead owed $442.08 more. The concept of "truth in lending" must mean something other than what it sounds like to our lender, because just about every piece of this process has been less than good for us. Guess I didn't need that $400 cushion anyway.

In fact we had to tear around Las Vegas for awhile to get the cash, turn it into a money order, and get it back to the title company before they closed. By the way, Vegas is a great place, except when you're in a hurry to get something accomplished. Friday afternoons are an incredibly stupid time to attempt to get money, or a money order. Delays abound.

With that frenzy behind us, we took a deep breath, and realized something:

We own a fucking house!

We'll get the keys Monday or Tuesday (depending on how fast the paperwork shuffles through Clark County's guts).

Turns out we did not need $5,000 like I whined about a couple days ago.

I'd like to thank the folks who took the time to /msg me about both the lending crap and about my mini-whine about downvotes. The encouragement was helpful in calming down a bit about the lender, and I now understand better the purpose of downvotes on day logs. So, vote dumpers, consider voting up instead of down if you don't actually care (be positive, instead of negative, for a change). Day log haters, go, uh, hate something more productive, or something. I have this house thing now... guess I should get a second job to I can have some money to help pay for stuff to put in the house.