On the wall above my door hangs my old boomerang. It's a Real Boomerang. Laminated wood, long as my arm. I haven't thrown the thing for ages.
Boomerangs are cool. I've never been cool, I never surfed, I never skated, I used to hate sports, but I did own a boomerang.

Throwing a boomerang the right way is a great way to impress your friends. I used to have this Zen routine all worked out... slowly walking around, looking for the right spot, picking up some grass and sprinkling it on the ground. This looks like a strange ritual but it is done to determine the wind direction (I've seen rugbyplayers use the same trick before kicking the ball between the goalposts) then throwing it and seeing it glide in a long lazy curve accross the field.

...it takes about ten seconds but it feels more like a minute...

And if it's a good throw, you catch it while spinning on your heels.