Both an album and a song by Hanson. It was Hanson's second album, an independent release from 1996:
  1. Day Has Come
  2. Thinking of You
  3. Two Tears
  4. Stories
  5. River
  6. Surely As The Sun
  7. Something New
  8. MMMBop
  9. Soldier
  10. Pictures
  11. Incredible
  12. With You In Your Dreams
  13. Sometimes
  14. Baby You're So Fine
  15. MMMBop (long version)

On May 24, 1997, MMMBop was the number one song in on the Billboard charts. It also reached number one on American Top Forty and was number one in both Canada and the U.S.

"mmmbop. mmmbop. mmmBARF!" -- killed writeup from Hanson

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