Do I really have to actually write up this node? I mean it's pretty self-explanatory isn't it?

I used to go looking for love all the time, and I completely failed to catch it. Now I've stopped looking. I think it gave up long ago, though. If love did ever show up on my doorstep again, I'd pull out a twelve gauge shot gun and scare it away. I'm sick of it. I honestly don't care anymore. I've been in this state of mind a couple times in my life, and it's then that someone comes out of nowhere and I think I've found love again, then I turn to face it, and before I know it, it's gone. No more. It's too late for me.

If you keep looking for it, it can't find you. Quit looking. And if you care about your sanity, when love starts stalking you: RUN!

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