Thers's a possibility that my girlfriend will see this, having been shown it once and being a regular net procrastinator herself. Still, it's true and if the truth is toxic then the whole enterprise would be better ended anyway. Which it might be the way things are going. The girl needs a lot of comforting a lot of the time. Tending to her emotional state has become harder and harder. The fact that I'm legging it to another city in less than a month is, given the latest odds, likely to cause hairy hell.

Oh, yes. The Move. Me taking a 80% pay cut for the privilage of being a student and doing something interesting for a change. That's the plan. First I have to arrange accomodation, tie-up my responsibilty for a couple of community groups I'm involved in, go to a couple of big parties and, of course, hand in my notice tomorrow. I've been here nearly 3 months so I get to save the good news for my review meeting tomorrow.

Change, ladies and gentlemen. Often necessary. Rarely painless.