I enter today in a student party. Lots of arty, Cambridge types being cool and sophisticated -- and very dull. If you've heard about one mind-broadening trip to a spiritually-rich, economically-poor country you've heard them all. By 2am I realise there are no women worth hanging around for here and headed off home.

What I had planned to do; what I should have done was to take an early night and read up on LDAP and JNDI for work where I would have to talk about what is was, how it worked, what use it was for us, etc.

Bollocks. Instead, I heaved my weary gene-vehicle out of bed at the evil hour of 8:30am just in time to receive a haranguing from my slightly obssessive landlady. Over my Shreddies, she explained that since I left the kitchen door unlocked, any potential thief that chose to ignore the illumination in the main room, smash their way through the locked side-gate and then the locked conservatory door was free to burgle the place without us being insured. Consequently, if it happened again I would be sent packing.

Cheers. My response was simple; I agreed, empathised, soothed -- a then e-mailed my friend to ask if he was till looking for a housemate. It's not just the locks (I have to unlock/lock 7 locks before I can cycle to work in the morning) but the switching stuff off at the plug (even kettles?) and general control-freakery. Sod it, I'm off.

The talk was a nightmare. My colleagues asked me questions I was ill-equipped to answer (as explained by previous events) and I bluffed and read my way through an hour plus one eternity before just running out of steam at which point I just gave up and started eating chocolate instead.

I am so tired.