In a discussion with the inimitable and fearsome dannye, I just called myself a radical centrist, and by God there wasn't a node for that yet. So now there is one.

A radical centrist is somebody who dares not to be pissed off. A radical centrist thinks the status quo is not perfect, but that it's nowhere near as bad as it could be, and that the people trying to drag us off in various directions do their best work when they cancel each other out.

A radical centrist is exactly like a moderate, except you get to smirk a lot more and randomly change sides in arguments. This is because both sides are full of shit, but it's still very important for them to do their thing and pass their laws. It's cool: You're all wrong, all of you! About everything. Not only that, but it's a good and Godly and healthy thing for you all to be all wrong, as loudly and as often as possible. The more the merrier!

Ignore the last paragraph, it's a red herring. I think. Anyway, the thing here is that a radical centrist believes in exactly one Great Truth, which is that all Great Truths are dangerously insane. Every Great Truth leads to a Simple Solution, and every Simple Solution is a short road to Hell. So it's important to keep the Simple Solutionists tied up snarling at each other and jockeying for power, because they're all stark raving mad.

The radical centrist believes that everything will turn to shit soon enough anyway, so there's no sense in accelerating the process by trying to stop it.