Evil is not black, nor is it white.

Evil is gray.

If the objective observer were to consider any clash of ideas, ranging from contemporary topics such as abortion laws, the use of soft drugs or even historical global conflagrations such as World War II, she would see a sharp dichotomy.

Choose your side. Take your pick. Throughout human history it has always been US vs. THEM, OUR side against THEIR side. WE are good and THEY are evil.

Both viewpoints are consistent and understandable and, when considered in isolation, perfectly reasonable.

But it is in the middle where all the real action takes place. And that is where it gets gray.

At the outer fringe of a viewpoint, things look so clear are are so easily explained.

It's only when the clash of ideas actually takes place - in the middle - that we see the ideal world is neither black nor is it white.

It's gray.

When real people fight together, fuck together and live together, real things happen. Suddenly what in the textbook looked so promising and doable just doesn't work.

Think about this for a moment and you will agree that real world, workable solutions are almost always a comprise betwen two viewpoints. Neither black nor white.

In other words gray.

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