Fruit leather is good stuff.

It's, well, it's a little bit like leather, but it's made out of fruit (along with citrus pectin, red dye #4, and god knows what else). It's chewy but not rubbery, often with a slight and pleasant "grittiness" due to ground up seeds and so on. It usually comes in a circular form factor, about six or eight inches across and a millimeter or two thick. It resembles a thin flour tortilla, morphologically speaking. This "tortilla" adheres to a square sheet of crinkly, transparent plastic. The plastic usually tears easily, which is a problem. The sheet of plastic with the fruit glop is rolled up and put in a long, narrow plastic bag with brightly colored artwork on it.

After they are manufactured, happy, smiling men in white hats load them onto trucks which drive directly to the fruit and vegetable section of your local grocery store! They are courteous drivers, and they obey all traffic regulations along the way! When they arrive, they put the fruit leather units in racks, where mortally bored toddlers will see them and say "MOM MOM MOM I WANNA FRUIT LEATHER MOM MOM". With any luck, mom figures it's healthier than Bubble Yum and buys the kid one.

Damn, they're tasty.

What you do is you peel the fruit glop off the plastic in strips an inch or two wide, roll the strips up tightly, and eat them at traffic lights on the way home from the supermarket. With practice, you can learn to do this while giving people the finger at the same time.

They come in many flavors: There are delicious ones like apricot, cherry, and raspberry! They will make you happy! There are gross ones like grape, which will make you sad. Don't buy the sad ones. Buy the happy ones!