I'd like to declare my unqualified support for murder.

It provides healthy physical exercise for police officers, ambulance attendants, district attorneys, the media, the coroner, and potential victims who can run faster than their assailants. It gives all those professions a reason to exist, too (Murder creates jobs!). It adds badly-needed excitement to the lives of the victim's neighbors and the television audience. And it's not just excitement alone, either: Murder is myth, fear and terror, pathos, triumph, loss -- in short, meaning. It's drama, a primal archtetype played out in real life, the same act in an infinity of disguises, always the same and always new. People love murder, that's why cop shows on television are popular. What's not to like about it?! Murder is cool.

Sure, I can see how being killed by a maniac might suck, but "no one here gets out alive", right?