EditPlus is indeed a nifty text editor. The syntax highlighting is configurable and can cope with script code embedded in HTML, highlighting everything correctly. MSVC doesn't do that, ha! It also has a groovy "User Tool" feature which will capture standard output and put it in an "output" window. Everybody does that, but EditPlus is also willing to pipe the contents of the edit buffer through a "tool" and back into the buffer. This is very cool: Two thirds of the features users request on the developers' little message board can be implemented that way if you've got awk and sed for Win32 (http://agnes.dida.physik.uni-essen.de/~janjaap/mingw32/download.html).

It's not perfect: The regular expression thing has a couple of issues (e.g. /^$/ doesn't match empty lines), but if you can wire sed into it that's not life'n'death. It also needs an embedded JavaScript or Scheme interpreter; there are some limits on what you can do by piping text through awk.

It's the only shareware windows text editor I've yet seen that's professionally done, solid, and generally worth using; hell, I even paid the thirty bucks to register it. There's still nothing GPL'd, though, so I'm still puttering away on mine whenever I have the time.