The *only* tool you'll ever need to develop rich Internet content on the windows platform. This feature-packed tool will let you develop your HTML with a level of control unprecedented in the world of FrontPage and the like.

And it doesn't stop there! With Visual Notepad, you can develop client side scripts in your favorite language - whether it be javascript, vbscript or ecmascript, it's all there!

But what about the server side, you ask? Hey, did I say this was the de facto tool or didn't I? Quickly and easily write ASP, Perl, PHP - you can even write C with this baby!

No defaults to confuse you, no wizards to waste your time. We shot the paperclip, and we're leaving you alone to do what you do best - code!

And what's the greatest feature about Visual Notepad? Is it the fact that, with any browser of your choice, it becomes WYSIWYG? No, but that's close. Is it the fact that Visual Notepad will never, ever edit your code without your knowledge? Nope, it isn't even that, though that's close. Is it the fact that Visual Notepad has a very simple design, and doesn't clutter your workspace up with toolbars you hardly ever need and would rather not use? That's not it either, folks, though it's a heckuva bonus!

The greatest feature of Visual Notepad, the revolutionary tool for Internet developers on the Windows platform, is that it's a free, standard part of Windows, and it almost always works!

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