Programmers' text editor of choice in the MS-DOS era of computing. Developed by SemWare. It had advanced features such as macro facility, automatic C code indentation, column block selection and multi-file editing. It could display up to eight text-mode windows and was very customizable, allowing the user to configure all the keyboard shortcuts. Perhaps its modern Windows equivalent could be the feature-packed UltraEdit.

I really didn't use it that much in the old days, and now I've probably lost my chance, having become a bit of a Vim zealot.

Also the command short for Quest Edit on Circlemuds with the OLC (online creation) patch installed. It brought you into a nice colourful menu system, as did the similar commands redit, zedit, medit, oedit and sedit which were for rooms, zones, mobs, objects and spells (or sometimes socials) respectively.

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