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To turn water into gold. Or hampsters into guinea pigs. Or somehow initiate some kind of metamorphesis which proves the existence of magic.
Bit of a geek, bit off a musician, bit of an english guy, bit of an Irish guy. I'm a bit.
Dulwich College
More important things.
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Everything biiiiig....
Shredder...smaaaaaaaallll...and scared. Very scared.
So I found this really funky website where I can find out stuff that search engines never find cause its not a precise enough concept and I think 'ahhh, I'm home'. And then, after a couple hours looking round over the last few days I think to myself 'Maybe I should uh... create an account or something'. I click the button fill in a few boxes and BAM ! Suddenly I'm a noder. Hence the fear. Everything biiiiig. Shredder smaaaaalll...