By way of explanation

I have been learning a lot lately about friendship and what it means, and recent developments on the relationship front have made a major impact on me, as my daylogs bear witness. It will be harder to trust again to the point of loving, something which may inspire others to poetry or prose, but just leaves me feeling cold and hurt.

That revelation, and the accompanying feelings have been eclipsed, however, as I learned today that I may have lost my job. This comes as quite a shock, and I'm writing this to explain why I may be somewhat less active than of late, as I attempt to figure out what is going on, and either recover my position, or come to terms with the implications.

I may not be writing quite as much for a little while, but will continue to work as I do, supporting other noders, vote tagging and carrying out my promised node audits.

I make this promise though - I will not write of my angst, pain or worry beyond this. I'd hate to burden you with those outpourings. I just want to thank you for the support I have had so far, and reassure everyone (and myself) that I will be back in full flow as soon as possible.

Thank you for your messages of support. Everything is indeed a Community. I am humbled by your concern.