Random meeting to tickle the soul

I had been attending an 8 week course out of the local museum focusing on black and white photography, which was coming to an end last Sunday. There was one other guy named Bill in the class, and a teacher named Tina, though I was always calling her Lisa for some reason. I don't even know anyone named Lisa, and it always struck me as very odd.

We were allowed to take advantage of their Darkroom anytime the museum's doors were unlocked and no one else was using it. Of course my new job and the museum's hours of business clashed during the week, so I didn't get to take advantage of this too often. I decided that the last Saturday before class was over, I would dedicate to the Darkroom, and I went in to see if it would be possible. The lady at the front counter was a new volunteer, which was a common occurance. She knew nothing about the Darkroom, and she couldn't find the gentleman who could unlock it. She was generally discouraged with her first day, it seemed. She kept pushing buttons on the phone, then hanging it up out of frustration only to have it ring and no one too be there.


The elevator doors open up to my right to reveal a young lady that was somehow very attractive, but I couldn't tell you anything specific that made me feel that way. She walked up to see what was the matter with the new volunteer. She had an appreciation about the whole scenario that made me feel very good about her, sneaking a smile in on the side of her face not visible to the volunteer, yet calmly and light-heartedly giving her several solutions to her troubles.

"I can just take him down and unlock the Darkroom", she suggested. No problem by me. I was fascinated by her.

We hopped into the elevator, and down to the basement of the museum. Our conversation consisted of enough to draw out a few laughs to break the ice and then it was over. She unlocked the door and let me in.

"What was your name" she asked. I had completely forgotten to introduce myself. I've never been too good at spittin some game, but I was slipping on the most bare of rules. I responded with my first and last name, which I later examined and found to be a little too formal.

"And yours", I asked.