Well, four more days until I leave my corner of the world, off to Manchester, Tennessee. I am heading out with my brother and his friends to Bonnaroo 2004. It will be my first time attending the annual festival, and I can't wait. They go every year, and this year I'm tagging along. It's a photoghapher's heaven! 80,000 people collecting has to make for some interesting pictures! Lots of pot, among o t h e r s, I'm sure. And the bands! Half of them I don't even know, but I'm ready!

Alas, there are more pressing matters at hand for this day.

One of my friends from a few years back is getting married today. The girl he's marrying is a succubus! The devil's own! She has put cigarettes out on his face, broken his turntables (which he really loved) only to laugh about it when it gets brought up, and her history is more of the same.

Today is the day of doom. I'm thinking about protesting, but I'm sure it would be to no avail. He's set in his stupid ass ways.. or should I say her stupid ass ways. I'm not sure what is making him do this, be it his insecurities in himself, or if she just beat him into submission like a trained elephant or something, but he's truely making a bad move. I'm not gonna miss this event. I have to bear witness to the beginning of the end! The reception will be rather interesting, for sure. Lots of liquor and people. I'm ready for the gathering. It'll be fun to see everyone together again.

If you are reading this and you pray, please pray for Jeff to see the error in his ways, before it's too late.
June 6th, 1:20am

OK, I take it all back. Who am I to tell someone else what's best for their life. I'm just a grouchy old man at the ripe old age of 24, and I don't have the right to even suggest anything of the sort! I wish Jeff and Lindsay the happiest of lives and I apologize for any negativity that came from me. I am sitting here wallowing in myself while people are out there living their lives, yet I try to tell them what's best for them? What a silly person I have become.

I'm sorry. I truely need a lesson in love. Maybe you should pray for me.