Also, a video game. The game environment was rendered with hand drawn backgrounds a poorly modeled polygonal characters which ran around, some with guns and some without. The premise was bleedingly simple: you are a nameless man who returns home one day to find you've been evicted. Despite being locked out of your home, you are amazingly well armed. You, apparently, snap at that point and let the ideas which you have been writing in your journal (which you read as each level loads) come to reality. Here's the journal entry for the first level: "The earth is hungry. The heart needs cleansing. The earth is also thirsty." This combined with some truly creep atmospheric music tracks and splash screens which are just damn evil (the main menu has a backdrop of a lone figure standing in a sea of skulls, rendered in blurry earth tones). Aside from all the atmosphere, this game is really boring, and the gameplay can't measure up to anything that's currently on the market.