For those not submerged in the valley girl tradition, here is a brief translation guide:
Audi - Goodbye
Baldwin - Attractive Guy
Betty - Attractive Woman
Barney - Unattractive Guy
Boinkfest - To Indulge In A Major Sexual Experience
Clueless - Uncool
Do - To Have Sex
Doable - Has Mate Potential
Dope - Cool, Bitchin'
Hottie - Babe
Hymenally Challenged - A Virgin
Loadie - Drug Abuser
Monet - Attractive Only From A Distance
Postal - Psychotic, Whacko
Smoked Out - Stoned
Surfing The Crimson Wave - Having A Period
Toast - Drunk
It's interesting which of these formerly isolated phrases are now part of the common lingo, and which ones failed to gain much exposure. The Monet reference, for example, is actually rather brilliant; however, it probably requires a bit too much cultural knowledge for the average teenager, and has thus fallen into disuse. Postal, on the other hand, has obvious and relatively unintellectual humor and is now almost universally recognized.

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