I'm procrastinating again. And it is all my boss's fault. I've got this big porting project that is half done and he keeps interrupting me with mosquito like fixes and features from another project. I work alone so there's nobody to offload this rubbish on.

What's this got to do with procrastination? Every time I switch projects, there is a mental unloading and reloading time. I hate it. The more interruptions in workflow, the worse it gets. Something like O(n^2) where n is the number of interruptions because for every interruption, I forget one additional thing. It gets to the point were I spend all my time changing gears that I don't have any time to get useful work done. I get depressed. Then I stop working altogether and I procrastinate.

It seems the only way out is to distract myself. I like to write because it is very non-programming. After a while, my conscience kicks in and I feel guilty about wasting so much time and I start working again. It's a real roller coaster ride.