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Cymbals Cymbals Cymbals playing.

I see Suneeta with her blue duppata over her head; joining palms in reverence, eyes closed whispering something to the black stone Shivalinga. Then starts to walk in a circle around it, stopping just short of crossing it and turns back, comes back to her initial position.

Picks up a glass of milk mixed with water and pours it over the Shivlinga. Statue of nandi cow, Shiva's favorite, at the entrance of the temple witnesses with serenity.

And she tolls the bronze temple bell once; Her Monday morning rituals come to an end.

The voice of the Temple bells playing; Dong, Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding...

Cymbals Cymbals Cymbals playing.

Mondays are meant for worshipping Lord Shiva, Tuesdays for Lord Hanuman; still others for other Gods. And still some other days don't care if you don't worship at all.

I am still in my bed, now I'm playing DoomII in my dreams. Walking through the doors killing monsters and enemy soldiers. Bang Khataak; Bang Khataak goes my double barrel.

Another hour passes; A Muezzin's call to believers for adhaan travels down my window; some hours are not meant to remember God ... some others are. Still others don't care.

I'm walking in my office now; cubes all around me, I take a turn; rows of cubes are still around me. Its not very different from Doom; except for no guns, no shooting, no fire spewing monsters. Back in Doom, Zhoop zhoop zhoop my rocket launcher goes.

"When would he get up? When will he get ready? When will he go to temple?" my father's voice asks.

"He is in Jet Lag", my mothers voice walks close at heels of the questions, "Let him take rest".

"All his life he's never got up on time. He's never seen a Sunrise in his life I think", my father raises his pitch in effort to wake me up.

The health level is falling; fast ... some monster is charring me with fireballs behind me.

"Rishoo, bete get up", my mothers voice tells me.

> Let's beat it - its turning into a bloodbath (press Y to exit)
... my dream prompts me. I'm anyway getting fried, I press Y.

I need to go see Vishnu today; I'm planning to talk him into saying everything is fine without going too deep in the birth charts and all.

"When I was your age, I used to get up at 5:00 every morning and go on morning walks with your grandfather" my father says without raising his eyes from the newspaper as soon as I walk into the living room.

"I am in a Jet Lag", I feebly say and slump down on the sofa.

"You were born with the Jet Lag", my father looks at me and remarks, "Stop lazing and get ready; you look like you've just been in a fight."

Some days when you've been dreaming all night, you feel like you didn't even go to sleep ... Some days are meant to not wake up, some nights are meant to just spend in dreams, and some don't care...

> Meeting Pundit Vishnu Sharma

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