American actor and comedian, specializing in improv and impressions.

Brady was born in Orlando, Florida, on June 2, 1972. Although he'd planned to join the military after high school, he was distracted by performing after appearing in a school musical and then doing some community theater. In central Florida, he played in, among other things, A Chorus Line and Jesus Christ Superstar. He also started doing improv, and won Sak Theater's 1992 "Rookie of the Year" award for it.

Brady left Florida in 1996 and stopped briefly in Las Vegas before settling in Los Angeles. He landed guest spots on television shows such as I'll Fly Away and In The Heat of the Night, and did kept doing theater.

After appearing briefly on the original British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Brady was hired as one of the three regulars for the American version, hosted by Drew Carey. That's currently his major claim to fame, though he's guested on The Drew Carey Show and had his own comedy special on CBS in summer, 2001, and also appears around Los Angeles with a separate improv troupe.

He's been married to Mandie Taketa since 1999.

As an improv comedian, Brady has a gift for athletic physical comedy and can improvise songs skilfully, which is something at which many improvvers flop.