Winner of the 2004 World Series of Poker pot limit Omaha event. Just another sad reminder of the trend that makes it so hard to find poker being played at the highest levels any more. His most famous moment probably came when he got somebody all in on a flop of 10-7-4, slammed his hand down and declared "I have a straight". This is, of course, mathematically impossible. Even worse, he continued to believe that he'd won the pot until the dealer began pushing the chips toward his opponent after the river.

The rapid rebirth of poker's popularity over the last few years has certainly made it easier to make a living at the game, but it has also swamped large tournaments with hordes of amateurs, diluting the limited pool of true poker talent. Even the few luminaries are forced to dumb their games down to the level of their opponents, as brilliant strategy is wasted on men who can call pot-sized bets with inside straight draws.

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