Nike has this service where you can go to an online order form to customize your sneakers by having something (your name, personal mantra, whatever) sewn onto the sneakers. So, this guy named Jonah Peretti, who's a grad student at MIT, ordered a pair of sneakers with the word "sweatshop." Nike iD, however, canceled his order. The gem to come out of all this is the published (online) email correspondence between Nike iD and Peretti. You can read it at and giggle gleefully at how Nike squirms in an increasingly awkward situation. I love the irony of Nike inviting people who have money to pay to "build their own shoes" so that people in poor countries far away can then go build their shoes for them.

Nike has since added the words Sweatshop, Sweat, Shop, Child Labor, ChildLabor, Exploit, and Swetshop to its automatic filters which are supposedly in place to reject profanity and "gang terms."