I might be turning into a dinosaur-chicken.

I realized this not too long ago, and since then, the changes have been slow but steady. I had been feeling strange, emotionally and physically for a while. I was getting out of the shower, and for the first time in a long time, I looked at myself in the mirror. I had lost quite a bit of weight, and I was already pretty thin. But it wasn't just my weight, my body was changing shape, even though I'd stopped growing years ago. There was something about my neck, my hips, and my face that looked strangely bird-like. It wasn't just regular bird, though, because I also kinda looked like some sort of strange lizard.

That visual image stoked a memory of how many scientists believe today that birds evolved from dinosaurs, or at least share a common ancestry. As soon as I had this in my mind, everything started to come together. My ears had been bothering me quite a bit, internally due to tinnitus and externally with eczema. It was very soon clear to me that my ears were in the process of falling off, so that my morphology can more resemble this dinosaur-chicken missing link. My skin was quite dry, and almost becoming scaly, more evidence that I was changing.

When I told one of my housemates, he agreed with my conclusion, and he decided to conduct further research. He consulted our school's paleontology department, of which I am a student. The professor wrote back with, "Yes, we here at the geology department have known about this for quite some time. Search for information on the archaeopteryx." So not only had my professors seen this change coming, but they had narrowed it down to the species.

Since then, I've collected more information, I have pictures of the archaeopterix hanging on my walls, and I've meditated on sprouting feathers... but to no avail. Still human, I'm seeing the sixth month of this potential devolution come and go, with no major progress other than more infections and ringing in my ears. Disappointedly, I'm beginning to face the possibility that I'm not changing into a dinosaur-chicken after all.

Maybe I should go to the doctor... about the ears, not about the evolution thing...