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and other personal stuff

I find myself in my second half century, with hardly a smudge on my "fifteen minutes of fame" In fact, from time to time a discussion arises about selling my unused fifteen minutes on eBay to realize some sort of ...fame. I have been a common laborer (loaded watermelons, shuffled bricks, pulled wire), a radio announcer, a household goods shipping dispatcher, an automotive parts manager, a restroom sanitation salesman

My current career in the software industry is still being defined; I'm a Test Analyst.

"I'm Going To Help You, No Matter How Much It Hurts"
Writing? I've been doing it most of my life and have quite a collection of journals, poetry, short stories, correspondence and opinions.



Who are you? :: who? who? who? who? I really wanta know!

AOL IM: ttf3289
ICQ UIN: 7194769
Yahoo!ID: ttf3289
MSN Username: swansgrove
Email: the_cave @
Snailmail: just ask
Phone Number: just ask
What does "ttf3289" mean? :: "ttf" is anagrammed from the Stephen Stills song, "Treetop Flyer" + "3289" was a lab number in building 27 on the Redmond campus = ttf3289

How do you pronounce "ttf3289"? :: "bŏb"

When? :: sooner or later

Where is the cave? :: the cave is located @ swans' grove @ eastbridge

see also,
Why did you change your name to "ttflyer"? :: shorter, more speakable, user friendly

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