Neighbor, how long has it been
since you've had
a big thick steaming bowl of

Wolf Brand Chili?

Wolf Brand Chili has been stirred up and canned in Corsicana, Texas since 1895. Its unique taste was originally developed and blended by Lyman T. Davis. It was initially sold by the bowl, from a chuck wagon in front of the Blue Front Saloon; then in brick form as "Lyman's Famous Home Made Chili".

In the 1920's, the chili became available in a can. As it was marketed in the can, it acquired the name and branding it holds to this day: Wolf Brand Chili

The wolf idea was put forth by a local photographer; the original wolf was Kaiser Bill, owned by Davis.

The flavorful business was sold by Davis in 1923, and it was the mid 1950's before the red can began appearing outside of the State of Texas, although many people procured and spread its taste throughout the country well before then. One of the better known consumers of Wolf Brand was Will Rogers who routinely carried a case of chili with him, direct from Corsicana.

Today, Wolf Brand Chili is owned by Quaker Oats, and production has been moved to Dallas, Texas.

Well, that's too long!

Growing up in Texas, Wolf Brand was a staple. My Grandfather always kept a can of Wolf Brand ...and some Vienna Sausages... in his work stash, and automotive survival kit. The chili was for when he had a fire, the sausages were for when he didn't have a fire.

I like mine with beans, served as Frito pie, or with cheese on top in a white / blue lined crock bowl, and lots of buttered tortillas for filling, lifting, dipping and sopping it all up.

Wolf Brand Chili is available with and without Beans in...

  • Original
  • Mild
  • Turkey
  • Hot
  • Lean
...flavors, and several handy sized cans.


  • a lifetime of consumption

Okay ...I am officially hungry now! Ô¿Ô

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