Every taste, sound, smell, sight, breath of wind on the back of your hand is recorded by the subconcious mind, and never forgotten. This truth alone, makes the subconscious a powerful force in our lives.

The subconscious processes every bit of that information continuously, to influence our behavior, memory, decision making and creativity; every aspect of our waking lives. The subconscious, is that place where the information about our lives is stored, rearranged, redefined, hidden, and sometimes created.

The subconscious is like the electrical potential between two poles of a battery. It has only one link to release that potential; one link to reality. That link is our individual consciousness. You are the only "person" your subconscious knows, and it knows you better than you know yourself, because it forgets nothing. In the deluge of information, it places its trust in only one thing; that what you tell it -- the information it receives from you -- is the absolute truth.

The subconscious is not mature, or moral. It simply exists to serve you. It is childlike; in many respects, the most precocious child you will ever know. Full of knowledge and insight, with no direction for its energy beyond what you provide. It is the power to understand your existence, and take control of your own life in ways you have only imagined; the power to conquer the world, at your fingertips.

When we are "convinced" that we can accomplish a task. When we "tell" ourselves that a task is not beyond our capabilities. That task is often completed and to our amazement, often exceeded. This phenomenon displays the power we have inside ourselves, and the control we have over the release mechanism.

The subconsious "believes" what you tell it. If you tell it that a task can be accomplished, it believes, and provides all the considerable resources you have, in order to achieve your goal. If you have any doubt, this too is communicated to the subconscious, and its ability to provide the correct resources will be crippled because you have told it, that those resources do not exist within you.

Your consciousness has the volition to determine your reality. Your subconscious can help only to the extent that you provide guidance. When you tell "yourself" that you cannot do something, you are telling your subconscious that the task cannot be done; and it will in fact provide, or withhold the support you need to accomplish "exactly" what you define to it as impossible.

"I cannot do this," translates to a probable failure to do whatever "this" is.

In many respects, "self hypnosis" is the releasing, and in some cases restraining, of the subconscious, in order to achieve a desired result, or change in our conscious reality.

We perform this act of communicative influence every moment, of every day, with every thought. And here lies the danger; the subconscious has a direct link to our thoughts as well as our senses. It uses these two channels of communication with you, to confirm the actions you desire. So consciously thinking positive thoughts will have a positive effect on your subconsious' abilities. Providing direct sensory input however, is a much more powerful persuader.

I can make a "thought" request to my subconscious, such as thinking of a topic, or line for a poem, and at some point in the future -- with the correct sensory stimulus -- my subconscious will return this topic or line back to me, as a completed work. It is however, much more effective to submit this "request" through direct sensory input.

I can look myself in the eye using a mirror -- visual input -- and vocalize my request, "I have this idea for a poem; could you work on this for me please?" -- audio input. Then later in the day, I can ask if there is any result from my request -- which further reinforces the request -- and continue to "ask" until delivery of a result.

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, how often do you mutter something like, "oh god, what am I doing here?" By questioning your existence, visually with audio, you are causing your subconscious to work on this ...problem? It does not deal with your comment philosophically; its task is to support your comment and the attitude that created it, such that you find yourself consciously asking the same sort of question with more and more frequency, having your negativism reinforced, and actually feeling worse about yourself as a result.

There is value to be received from looking yourself square in the mirror every day, and having a conscious discourse with yourself -- your subconscious. Tell your subconscious that you feel great, and are looking forward to the challenges of the day, and the receipt of its assistance in the solving of your more pressing problems. Regardless of any "thoughts" you have beyond that point, the sensory input you provided will have more meaning, and eventually, with daily reinforcement, you will find that your "thoughts" become more positive as well. Your subconscious will work on your communicated perception of yourself, to change even your own "private" perception of yourself.

One of the names we have for this procedure is "self hypnosis" Self hypnosis, is a concise method that can be utilized by anyone to change attitudes, beliefs, habits and self-esteem levels. In this one area of our lives, positive input appears to override negative feedback, in the proper proportion; it takes very little positive effort to overcome the negative pressures. The more positive you can be in this communication, the more tangible the results will be.

Each of us, who takes time to consciously connect with our subconscious, and provide positive input about our feelings and desires, will find that we are in fact more than equal to the challenges we lay before ourselves. We can each become the masters of our own lives, when we choose to communicate what we want -- in a positive fashion, to ourselves.

Another way I utilize my subconscious on a regular basis, is by paying attention to my "gut feeling"

I know that my subconscious receives all the sensory information that I process, but it also receives all the sensory information I do not process.

By telling my subconscious that I am listening to it, and need its help, I create a scenario in which I might in fact be warned of a dangerous situation -- such as while driving -- long before I become aware of it consciously. And paying attention to the feedback provided by the subconscious not only allows me to respond to dangerous situations, before they are "manifest" but also encourages the subconscience to continue assisting me in this fashion.

I have consciously responded to this uneasy feeling many times; and later, I have actually witnessed the result of the situation, which my response removed me from.

In order to test the validity of this gut feeling; when it occurs, ask yourself, "What's wrong with this picture?" It is a pretty good bet that in a short time you will see the same danger that your subconscious has already warned you of.


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