Jackie once did a movie where he had to kick a 2 inch ball, in the air, through a 3 inch hole 30 feet away. It took him over 1600 takes. The man is an absolute legend.

JC's personal involvment and willingness to dedicate himself totally to his films, coupled with a frankly suicidal attitude towards stunts, have made him a hero of Hong Kong cinema.

Unfortunately, since his move to the States, he's been unable to do as much in his productions as he has been used to - the protective guilds in Hollywood prevent him from doing his own sound editing, setting up his own camera angles, writing his own scripts etc (only union members get to do these jobs - bah!)

I can only hope he'll come to his senses and leave the buddy cop movies, lame comedies et al to the Americans, and get back to Hong Kong for some decent drunken antics.