A friend of mine has a theory (which I may not agree with the validity of, but which I still like the sound of) that basically states that all people are bisexual by nature (or, she sometimes softens it to "most people"). She really does believe that most people are born with an interest in all sexes and that the real sexual "choice" is not whether to be gay or straight, but whether to limit yourself like that.

She points to historical occurances such as the prevalence of men in Greece to have young male lovers before they were married and to the acceptability of sexual relations between men in most pre-Chrisitian societies as proof that religious fervor, not nature, made heterosexuality normative and homosexuality the only "other" choice.

I have a feeling that she's taking some fairly limited supporting facts and blowing them out of proportion, but ... can you imagine what the world would be like if she was right and religion had never told us that being straight was right?

Something to ponder ...