I saw Maya Angelou speak today.


I actually think she may have reminded me that my life really does have meaning.

I have never heard a more honest, more real, more poetic, and more inspirational person in my entire life. I actually started taking notes on what she said (yes, I do realize how sad that is), just so that, sometime when I'm falling (as I tend to do), I can remember exactly how I felt in the middle of her speech tonight.

Dr. Angelou reminded me that there is a beauty, a power, and a strength in each one of us - that our potential is limited only by the constraints we put on ourselves.

She reminded me that I can still feel something.

And that's a lot.

She reminded me how much peace I've always found in books and poetry ... because "poetry is something to fall back on and, in the the literature, you can find your inspiration and your strength."

I even want to write again - more than just a paragraph or two per node at Everything, but really, really write again.

I needed something this semester to remind me how to feel.

I got it.