It's been a day ... hell, it's been a life ...

My grandfather had a quintuple bypass yesterday ... and he's pretty old (78) ... however, he's fine. So far, no serious complications, nothing at all went bad. Hell ... he's a tough old bird. It's a reflief to know that he's all right, though. Although I may not have the unquestioning adoration of my grandparents like so many of my friends seem to, I do love them very much. And I don't need to lose another one.

In other news, one of my exs is coming to visit on SATURDAY. He's coming with another friend of mine from home on a little juant over here to buy some new clothes. Shit ... weirdness ... I haven't hung out with him in a damn long time, let alone for a long period time. Even weirder, I had a dream about him a couple of days ago and I don't dream.

It'll be cool, I think. I actually really miss his friendship. There was a time period that lasted longer than a year where he was my best friend on earth ... you tend to miss them when they're gone.