Serving Chicago, Springfield, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Kansas City and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 303 and 304

Predecessor railroad train numbers: Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 18 and 19

Named for Abraham Lincoln's supposed girlfriend who died of typhoid fever in 1835, the Ann Rutledge was one of the Chicago and Alton Railroad's trains between Chicago and St. Louis, later taken over by the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio.

Unlike the Abraham Lincoln and the Alton Limited, two other trains on the route, the Ann Rutledge didn't survive into the Amtrak era. However, in the late 1970s, the state of Missouri began funding Amtrak service between St. Louis and Kansas City, on the former route of such Missouri Pacific passenger trains as the Missouri River Eagle. Amtrak rescheduled an existing Chicago-St. Louis frequencies and extended the train to Kansas City, bringing back the Ann Rutledge name in the process.

Condensed historical timetables:

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(1956)  (1979)  (1990)  (2002)                      (2002)  (1990)  (1979)  (1956)
 8:25A   8:15A  10:55A   8:30A Dp Chicago        Ar  7:45P   9:10P   9:15P   9:40P
11:45A  11:21A   2:21P  11:48A    Springfield        3:57P   5:23P   5:50P   6:21P
 1:45P   1:30P   5:20P   3:00P    St. Louis          2:05P   3:15P   4:00P   4:30P
 -----   4:13P   7:39P   5:24P    Jefferson City    10:38A  12:15P   1:02P   -----
 -----   7:30P  10:40P   8:40P Ar Kansas City    Dp  7:35A   9:15A  10:05A   -----

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