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Hello, Secret Santa: I will eat just about anything, read just about anything, listen to just about anything, play with just about anything. Surprise me!

Brief biography: I was born near the end of the third quarter of the 20th century. Since then, I have taken up residence in, among others, Tampa, Florida, a dorm at Northwestern University, and South Park Township, Pennsylvania (when I lived there, I knew it as Library). I now live in North Hollywood, California with a cross-eyed cat named Chessie.

Along the way, I developed interests in pretty much anything having to do with communication or transportation, with special emphasis on passenger trains, timetables, maps (especially those depicting road systems or transit systems), TV Guide magazine, game shows, and pinball.

I haven't died yet, as far as I know.

On April 16, 2003, I passed the "Jeopardy!" contestant test for the second time, so I may be selected to be a contestant on the show during the 2003-04 television season. Further updates as they become available.

Also, as of October 1, 2003, TiVo has started distributing a promotional DVD which features a bunch of montages of actual TiVo users talking about TiVo. I get about five seconds of screen time total, which is about all I deserve, since pretty much everyone else was more coherent and better-looking. I'm told it's going to be available through Best Buy, Circuit City, and other places where TiVo is sold, so pick up a copy and look for the lanky brown-haired guy with the goatee, the red shirt (provided by wardrobe) and the blue athletic wristband (also provided by wardrobe, for no good reason, as far as I could tell).

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