Today I have started a process rolling which will lead to me doing the most scary thing that I can imagine ... that is, I have asked for a pay review outside of the normal pay review schedule.

For many many months now, I have felt that the level of pay that i have been receiving is no where matched by the level of responsibibilty that I have, nor the results that I produce. Due to fear, inexperience, laziness and a whole host of other factors, I have avoided asking for a pay rise - always hoping that the annual pay reviews would correct my perceived imbalance in compensation.

However, it is since I have been promoted to team leader of my group and have been involved in hiring staff (and hence I know their salaries), I have become increasingly outraged that my salary is below that of newcomers - especially when the newcomers know half of what I know.

The time has come for me to rectify this problem. I am going to ask for a 33% pay rise - huge isn't it :-) I'm not expecting to get the full 33%, but I do expect to get a very sizeable increase. This will at least match me close to what the other members in my team are getting.

However, the meeting with my managers manager is not until Monday - which means I now have a couple of days to stress over the whole thing. Well there is no turning back now - the wheels are in motion and I can't stop it.