A DOS computer game about galactic conquest. Published in 1995 by The Logic Factory, whose website can currently be found at www.logicfactory.com.

The player (single player only) chooses from one of 21 very non-human races, and attempts to conquer the galaxy through one of several unstated methods (controlling 2/3 of the galaxy is one of these ways).

Personally, I found the game most entertaining, and I played it for many years after its release.

One of the primary grievances against the game seems to be the relatively poor AI of the computer players. This is, to some degree, fixed by a patch called the Antagonizer, available on the Logic Factory website.

System Requirements:

486DX-33MHz processor or higher.
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher.
Double-speed CD-ROM drive.
VESA compatible Super VGA.
8 megabytes of RAM.
For Digital Audio - Sound Blaster Family (or 100% compatible).
Also works under Windows 95, either from "Dos Prompt" or "MS-Dos Mode", depending on amount of RAM installed.

As*cend"an*cy (#), As*cend"ance (#), n.

Same as Ascendency.


© Webster 1913.

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