Today is my birthday. I will have lived on this planet for 23 years at 10:23am. All of this time, unfortunately, in Nashville.

I do not expect to recieve any gifts, since I have given myself a gift that I have needed for a long, long time: getting away to New Orleans, LA. (Of course, if you'd like to send a postcard, I would appreciate it :] *)

The sad thing about being me at this age, however, is that I'm starting to *FEEL* old. My joints often hurt, my ability to stay awake longer than 24 hours and appear to be an extremely caffinated, cracked out hooligan has been revoked, my energy levels are much lower than I would like them to be, and I suddenly have been hit with a feeling of responsibility.

I don't like the self I have grown into. I want my old seventeen-year-old days back. When I didn't care about anything but having fun. (I know, you're saying "You're only 23, you haven't even begun to get old." To you, I say that age is only an indication of time removed from your life.)

Well, I'll stop now. I'm tired. I'm in New Orleans still, I just walked 32 blocks, was standing at the Voodoo Music Experience for 6.5 hours before that, and aphexious' keybord doesn't like me.

I wonder.. if Daylight Savings Time is now over, does that mean that my exact birthdate will now be at 11:23am? *shrug*

* - Send postcards to the address in my home node.