Gravity Power is a game that was exclusively released with issue fifty of Amiga Power, and is basically a tasty remix of Gravity Force 2. It is quite unforunately available only for the Amiga, so unless you have an Amiga or an emulator (see. WinUAE), you won't be seeing it any time soon.

The basic premise is that you and another player (as in a person) fly about in 2-D maps trying to destroy each other's ship. This gets all the more interesting when you are introduced to physics, power-ups and adrenalin pumping dog-fights. Better still, when you mix them all up e.g using a warp power-up around a corner while shooting your bomb happy opponent.

It is similar to games such as Super Mario Kart and Marshmallow Duel in the sense that it's probably more addictive than a caffiene-laced cigarette in a casino full of gorgeous women/men/chocolate.