Wibbles 2 is one of few games where the sole objective is to eat your opponent from head to tail. It is a somewhat old PC game written for DOS, employing VGA graphics and flaky sound support. But of course, the more immediate physical senses are not what make a game worth noding for, it is inevitably the gameplay.

Oh and what gameplay it is. With simple controls which follow the 4 points of a compass, and two action buttons (one for explosives, the other for bonuses), the game is wonderfully easy to get into. Initially you are presented with a top-down view of a your worm and the land about it, which is usually littered with rocks. The challenge is then to a) eat your opponent (or destroy them, as we shall see later on), and b) not get your head stuck between the rocks (this is quite easy since the map is tile based, and since you direct with your head, all you need to do is get stuck between 3 rocks and your screwed).

The previous task of eating your fellow annelid, is most difficult indeed (unless you have mad skillz), as it involves having to chase after your wiley opponent, who also has the advantages of turning their body segments into explosives. At your aide, however, are such bonuses as speed bursts, super tongue and rock pushing (annoy them by blocking them in with rocks, since by default, you can't push rocks, you can only blow them up).

The method for making your worm longer is very much in the same vain as snake, but can be achieved by either eating your opponent or little bugs that scutter about in a random fashion.

All said and done, this is one of most enjoyable ways to spend time with another person without exchanging fluids or playing Quake. Games in a similar vain are Marshmallow Duel and Gravity Power, in that they are both relatively simple, but time-swallowingly addictive.

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