XKOBO, a video-oriented game
 Copyright © 1995,1996  Akira Higuchi

XKOBO is a space shoot-em-up for X Windowing System, distributed under GNU GPL. Version 1.11 released in January 1997.

Xkobo is actually Just What A True Retro Gamer Needs to enjoy the life. The goal of the game is simple: The playfield is shown from above, you fly around with a small space ship shooting tons and tons of missiles to front and back, and there are pipe structures ("fortresses") out there that needs to be shot down - shooting at "balls" at the end of pipes usually does the trick, or you can aim at the purple balls in the middle that will blow up the whole structure. You get to the next level when every one of these structures is gone. You also need to beware the stuff that the balls shoot back, and all sorts of other stuff that flies around aimlessly, like the missiles.

Yea, yea, just like in those zillions of early arcade games. It even comes with (slightly) Engrish manual... Wonderful game if you need to pass time!

(Bad sides... well, if you need to find those, here they are: It gets boring at somewhere near the 600th level, and there are no sound effects.)

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